Reviving Amsterdam Mokum

An undiscovered hidden gem in the heart of Amsterdam, Markt Centraal (Central Market) is a blast from Amsterdam’s industrial past. Since 1934 this enormous hall has been feeding the city, literally, as its main food distribution center. Now under the creative genius of Mister Kitchen and Cantina Mobile, it’s being re-envisioned as the cultural and culinary heart of a dynamic new neighborhood.


Place branding
Visual identity
Digital design
Motion design

“Eigenwijs” and mind-blowingly big

Mister Kitchen and Cantina Mobile asked us to create a concept and identity for their latest love child: Markt Centraal. An identity that communicated not only the spontaneity and cheerfulness of their new venture, but also captured the flexibility and modularity that this festivity hub brings to this exciting new space.

For all

Markt Centraal is not another tourist food hub but a magnet for real Amsterdammers. In this sense, the concept embraces the true ‘Mokum’ spirit that is unique to the city and its residents. Amsterdammers from all walks of life are welcome to enjoy great food and cultural activities that are designed to constantly surprise and bring the neighborhood together.


Using both motion graphics and animated content, we created a playful website that puts activities at its core. Central to the design is an agenda connected directly to an online ticketing system so that people can effortlessly buy tickets to any event.