At CIRCUS we are unafraid to
share the risks today to help our
partners achieve
greatness tomorrow.

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We have a soft spot for brand start-ups whose budgets don’t always match their ambitions. For young businesses like these we’ve unveiled CIRCUS Ventures. Through CIRCUS Ventures we actively invest in business partnerships that aspire to add something significant to tomorrow’s world. How? By investing our passion, creativity and network into building long-term relationships with our clients. But with CIRCUS Ventures, we also dare to share the entrepreneurial risks.


With Howie Roll we’ve partnered with a pair of entrepreneurs looking to change the face of fast food forevermore. Entrepreneurs who believe that food – yes, friends, even fast food – should be a force of optimism. Not just a start-up but a potentially powerful scale-up that will introduce high moral principles to everyday convenience eats. Curious to know what this audacious idea is all about? Stay tuned till Q2 2022 when Howie Roll finally hits the streets.


With Valor, we are contributing to a new wave of fashion brands that have placed sustainability at their core. This is a far cry from fast fashion. Actually, it’s the opposite. A high-end wardrobe brand that caters to the time-starved but not the cash-strapped, Valor aims to transform how upscale gentlemen shop and perceive everyday business essentials. Total transparency, devotion to true pricing and a direct-to-you mentality – this brand aims to be nothing less than an outspoken leader in sustainable luxury menswear. Launching Q2 2022.

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