Welcome to our ever-revolving carrousel of spectacular work. Permit us a bit of showmanship in showcasing a few of the brands we’ve worked with.

Latest work

HS Kwartier

Urban playground in the heart of The Hague.


For Hollands Spoor Kwartier, CIRCUS developed a progressive and playful area brand.In the coming years HS Kwartier is to become The Hague’s most radiant district, with 90,000 sqm new build development with an enticing mix of working, living and leisure concepts and facilities.


In a collaborative journey with all stakeholders in the area, we created a dynamic ‘urban playground’ brand concept that will make HS Kwartier an area unlike any other.Cosmopolitan, eclectic and with a spirit of youth. HS Kwartier is the place where everything comes together.


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