Welcome to the new mine

A new future in metals has arrived – for the good of people and planet. CIRCUS worked on this ambitious project to rebrand the century-old Reukema brand to a new transformative chapter as MYNE. Spearheaded by game-changing new technology, MYNE is set to transform the metals recycling industry and develop truly circular metals. CIRCUS developed their new brand strategy, name, identity and everything from website to signage.


Brand strategy
Brand identity
Video & Photography

What's in a name

Myne was previously called Reukema. Henry Staal, co-CEO at Myne: 'We believe that the old way of recycling is a thing of the past, that we need to transition to circularity. Our goal is to create advanced technology that can convert waste into high-quality materials. In transitioning to a producer of circular metals, the name change to Myne feels logical."

Web Design

We developed a new content structure, user experience and user interface for myne.eco. Making the most of subtle animations and interactions that bring the website to life together with copy, photography and video.
UX/UI: Joop Akerboom & Matthias Leuhof.
Web development: Amber Geldorp-van Os