Fast Food Pleasure Without Fast Food Guilt

In 2021 Circus Ventures invested in making Howie Roll a success. In 2022 the first plant-based fast casual shop opened its doors in Utrecht. The mission is to create a new benchmark for (plant-based) fast food and prove the concept is viable.


Brand Naming & Positioning
Brand Voice & Identity
Packaging & POS
Digital Platform
Content Strategy
Interior Branding


The brand is a modular formula that can be easily and quickly expanded and scaled up. The megaphone-shaped logo underscores Howie Roll’s movement-building mission. The saturated monochromatic color palette and over-stylized Jaune V. typeface with atypical forms are inspired by superhero comic books. Hiding behind this graphic-led veil of playfulness and fun is concept designed for speed and efficiency.


Defined a fast casual environment and optimized customer journey in collaboration with Studio Ninetynine. The interior communicates the brand message and language in every aspect of the interior, including tiles, floor and textiles. There is a clear balance between speed and efficiency, friendliness and warmth.