De Bonte Koe

De Bonte Koe has been making artisanal chocolate for 30 years. Born in the heart of Schiedam, they expanded with stores in Rotterdam and The Hague. Their chocolate of good origin has been produced with great care for planet and people. They spread their love for chocolate far and wide.


Brand Strategy
Verbal Identity
Visual Identity

Good origin

De Bonte Koe takes great care of their chocolate and of people and planet. That's why we came up with the tagline ‘Chocolade Van Goeden Huize’. Which loosely translates to ‘Chocolate Of Good Origin’, referencing the family history, product quality, tradition and sustainability focus.

Proud-making heritage

The brand name is derived from the family cows that grazed the meadows of Schiedam. Fed with 'swill', a high-calorie and protein-rich residual product from the jenever industry, they provided the milk for De Bonte Koe's first chocolate. We honoured this heritage by making the cow the proud face of the company.

Optimistic & fresh

The new colours are fresh and modern, and contrast well with the earthy colours found in the products, wrapping papers and stores. To maintain recognition we gave the diamond shape and sun beams from previous visual identities a new lease of life. As additional form elements they can be used as patterns or decorative backgrounds, adding a modern look to the classic logo.

Luscious copy & type

We created a distinctive tone of voice by playing with traditional words and phrases in a contemporary context. Combined with a classic, yet contemporary typeface it creates a strong package of verbal and visual brand cues – on packaging, in-store and online.

Visual Storytelling

We developed a signature photography style, showcasing De Bonte Koe's people and product. The concept of 'the reaching hand' was developed to convey the anticipation when happiness (chocolate) is within reach. People are depicted as De Bonte Koe's 'prophets of happiness', showcasing their craft as the best chocolate makers in town. And products are shown as 'pieces of happiness'. Exposing layers of flavours in each single bite.